Phase 1 - Bake a Rhyming Cake (no actual baking involved!)

Updated: May 11

Phase One: Rhythm and Rhyme

Purpose: To develop awareness of rhythm and rhyme in speech. Recognising rhymes is an incredibly important skill for learning to read and spell.

30-50 months: Enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities and shows awareness of rhyme.

40-60 months: Continues a rhyming string.

I have made an IGTV version of this activity that is available to watch on Instagram or Facebook.

You will need a mixing bowl, a spoon and some objects including some that rhyme e.g. a car, jar and bar (of soap) and some that don't rhyme.

Sing the song:

"I'm making a rhyming cake,

I'm making it for my tummy.

I'm going to put it the oven,

To make it nice and yummy.

In goes a..."

Choose one of the objects that rhymes and put it into the bowl. Say the name of the object e.g. cat and encourage your child to say the word out loud and listen to the way it sounds. Invite them to stir the cake.

Look at the other objects and say what they are. Encourage your child to name one of the objects and then say the name of the object in the bowl again. Ask them if they think the two words rhyme or not. If it rhymes add it to the bowl and sing the song then recite the list of rhyming words. Repeat until you have added all of the objects that rhyme.

Objects you could use:

fox, socks, box

car, star, jar

man, can, van

Some children find it difficult to identify rhyming words. They will need to hear lots of rhyming words before they will be able to identify them independently. You could make the game easier by using only objects that rhyme to give them the opportunity to hear lots of rhyming words rather than having to try to work out if it rhymes or not.

Some children confuse the concepts of rhyme and alliteration. Remind them that we are looking for words that sound the same at the end e.g. car and jar, not words that have the same sound at the start e.g. cat and car. To make it easier, you could avoid using objects that begin with the same sound.

For a no prep interactive version head to Phonics Play, which is free at the moment. This interactive version lets children drag the pictures into the bowl on a trial and error basis to help them figure out which words are correct and which are not. If they find a word that rhymes the ingredient will be added and stirred into the cake mix. If they are wrong, they will have to try again. When they have all been found the cake will be baked.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see them. Please tag @miniwritersclub and use #miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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